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Christmas Books for All Ages: A Booklist

Readers, we are thankful for YOU!

And, in honor of our appreciation for you, your faithful support of Redeemed Reader and encouragement to us, we’re posting a first for Redeemed Reader: a READER-generated* Christmas Books Booklist for your enjoyment over the holidays. After all, our readers have great taste and often recommend terrific books to us.

We hope you’ll find some new books to add into your usual mix as you enjoy time with your family and friends during the coming Christmas season. We hope, by posting this list now, you will have time to track these down in time for this year’s Christmas season! Don’t forget, though, to include the Book: read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s birth, too.

See also our Giant Advent & Christmas Book List: Books for All Ages for more Christmas books!

**Disclaimer: We are not vouching for titles listed below that we have not already reviewed. Please check reviews on your trusted sources, check these out from the library for pre-reading, etc., before making your decisions about what to enjoy with your families and classrooms.

Christmas Books for All Ages

Note: titles are linked to amazon instead of Redeemed Reader. If we have reviewed the title, there is also a link to the “RR Review” or “RR Booklist” at the end of the listing. Please read reviews, particularly for those titles not already reviewed on Redeemed Reader! We are participants in the Amazon LLC affiliate program; qualifying purchases you make through affiliate links like the ones below may earn us a commission

Picture Books


Chapter Books/Novels

Short Stories


*These all came from a recent giveaway we did on Instagram. What resources would YOU add to this fantastic list?

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  1. Linda Murphy says

    I have such a huge stack of Christmas picture books that I’ve collected over the past 30 years. My youngest is now 12, and while she will still read through some of them each year, I so miss sitting and reading them aloud to the kids. I encourage mamas to collect these books and share them with their children. Such precious times that will fly by much more quickly than you could ever imagine! “The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree” and “The Story of Holly and Ivy” are two of my favorites! Another one I discovered more recently is “When Mother Was Eleven-Foot Four”. I tend toward tear-jerkers…:)

  2. I’m still at the stage where I wrap all our Christmas books for December 1st and we read and enjoy them all month long. Our kids are getting older so we’ll hang on to the tradition as long as we can! Two of our favorites are ‘Christmas Day in the Morning’ by Pearl Buck and ‘A Star for Christmas’ by Trisha Romance. Thanks for compiling this list! I see a few more that we can add to our collection.

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  4. Cheryl says

    I have been reading Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller to my children, who are ages 10 and up. So far (three chapters into it), it has helped us all to be stirred afresh by the meaning of Christmas. Given my experience with Tim Keller’s writing/preaching, I am optimistic that it will continue to be a blessing to us as we set aside time each day to ponder the beauty of the Light appearing in the darkness.

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