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Books we love often have great value as discussion starters. The struggle is: how do we  use them as discussion starters while STILL enjoying the story?

Our Hot Chocolate and Hobbit Guide walks you through the process as you read The Hobbit aloud with your family. Plus: there's a hot chocolate recipe for each week to sweeten your time together!

Latest Posts

February 22, 2020

Everything Awesome about Dinosaurs by Mike Lowery

A factual and tongue-in-cheek resource for dinosaur fans, with a distinct evolutionary slant.

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February 22, 2020

Trees: a Rooted History by Socha and Grazhowski

Trees: a Rooted History explores the wonderful variety of tree life in a lavishly illustrated compendium.

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February 21, 2020

Alaska Adventures

The newest movie version of The Call of the Wild opens today. Here’s a roundup of books we’ve reviewed about the Alaska Gold Rush and the “last frontier.”

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