Redeemed Reader Series

Back Porch Book Chat Interview Series

By Betsy | October 15, 2019

Back Porch Book Chat: A casual, virtual conversation about books. Join us as we chat with book lovers like ourselves about a topic we all …

The Hive: A List of Resources from Gladys Hunt

By Betsy | August 31, 2018

The Hive is exclusive content from the late Gladys Hunt that we are privileged to feature on Redeemed Reader.

The Love Your Neighbor Book Club: Its Beginnings

By Betsy | August 27, 2018

Love God. Love your neighbor. Those, in brief, are the two greatest commandments, the commandments that sum up all the Law and the Prophets. And one …

The Literary Nightstand

By Betsy | December 8, 2017

The Literary Nightstand: Our Professional Reading The Literary Nightstand is a peek into what’s on our professional nightstands. Most of us here at Redeemed Reader …

Portrait of a Reader: The Adventurer

By Betsy | October 13, 2017

Portrait of a Reader is a new feature in which we try to “unpack” a particular kind of reader. The portraits will overlap; most people will …

Beauty and the Beast Adventure

By Betsy | March 1, 2017

Join us as we dive into the themes and stories behind Beauty and the Beast during the month of March! And don’t worry, it’s not just for girls–we …

Church History October

By Betsy | October 1, 2016

See below for our list of church history resources! Next year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s well known act of defiance against the church of …

Newbery Buzz Discussion Series

By Betsy | September 17, 2016

We love discussing books here at Redeemed Reader! We also love “prognosticating the awards”: discussing potential Newbery Medal candidates (these are potentials to US; the …

Home Library Organization: Where do I begin?

By Megan | July 11, 2016

Home Library Organization is a mini-series based on a presentation I originally gave to a homeschool group when I was a professional librarian years ago. These …

2014 Summer Reading Challenge…For the Whole Family

By emily | May 27, 2014

Other Summer Reading Challenge posts: Introduction, Week One: 1) Kids, 2) Teens, 3) Devotional.  Week Two: 1) Kids, 2) Teens, 3) Devotional.  Week Three: off Week …