Silver Key Fellowship

Support Redeemed Reader and join the Silver Key Fellowship!

Joining the Silver Key Fellowship offers you the chance, at a nominal fee, to help support Redeemed Reader’s mission to read ahead for you, equipping you as you disciple your children and students.

Your support will enable us to build our team, offer new resources, cover behind-the-scenes tech costs, and pursue our goal of keeping Redeemed Reader ad free.

Your support matters.

In addition, you will gain the following benefits as a Silver Key Fellowship member:

  • 10% off in the Redeemed Reader store
  • Discounts and special sales at our partners’ stores (such as Rabbit Room, New Growth Press, Exodus Books)
  • Priority customer service
  • Monthly printable resource (such as a book list)

The Silver Key Fellowship is $1.99/month (introductory pricing) and will be billed quarterly at $5.97/billing cycle.

Interested in supporting Redeemed Reader at a higher level? Check out the Golden Key Fellowship which includes our new Redeemed Reader Quarterly, a print magazine.

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