Beginning June 12, 2023:

Wisdom & Wonder

Our 2023 Christian Summer Reading Program for Children & Teens

Give your kids a summer reading adventure to remember!

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What if...

...your kids' summer reading program could do more than beat the "summer slide"?

What if...

...your whole family could enjoy a summer reading adventure together?

What if...

...there was a summer reading program that enriched your understanding of God's creative work?

This year, we're pursuing wisdom and cultivating wonder. We'll study the book of Proverbs together, read great books, and talk about the ideas we're learning. True wisdom is found in Jesus, and real wonder is found in the world God made.

We're revisiting Wisdom & Wonder: one of our most popular summer reading programs.

The adventure begins June 12th, 2023; registration will begin in mid-May.

"RR is an incredible blessing to our family! We especially love looking at starred reviews and look forward to the summer reading program each year." ~Jenny T

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Wisdom & Wonder Program Notes

A Christian Summer Reading Adventure for Children and Teens

Participants will:

  • Read great stories from a carefully curated list.
  • Enjoy a 6-week program for the whole family (with a week off in the middle to catch-up).
  • Get a weekly email with extra resources, including devotional content that will enrich your family discussions.
  • Use our discussion questions to talk with your children and teens about the books you are reading.
  • Receive an e-zine with author interviews, more book suggestions, and a summer reading tracker.
  • Enter to win prizes! Families who fill out their trackers with the reading and activities can submit their trackers (included in the e-zine) for prizes at the end of the summer.
  • Help Redeemed Reader "give back" as a portion of the proceeds will go to a ministry that uses books in their program.
  • Support THREE Christian businesses if you buy your books from our Summer Book Fair (hosted through Storyglory Kids and supplied by Westminster Kids Books); you'll also get 50% off your Wisdom & Wonder purchase price between May 18-June 1!

What Will We Read?

(The best part!)

Families will choose (at least) one of the books below that best fits the ages of their children. We recommend picking a title to read aloud as a family; children can read more on their own. Choose the age range that best fits those who will be participating (program is designed for ages 5-15, but littles and bigs can listen in on either end!).

Participants will also receive an e-zine packed with more suggested titles and interviews with some of our favorite people in the children's literature world: many of the authors of this summer's book titles!

Bonus: Buy your books from our Summer Book Fair (hosted through Storyglory Kids and supplied by Westminster Kids Books) and get 50% off your Wisdom & Wonder purchase price from May 18-June 1!

At Redeemed Reader, we’re reading ahead for you.

Free summer reading programs often focus on combating the "summer slide" by tracking minutes read or books completed. We think summer reading is also an opportunity to disciple your children while reading great books. 

Community summer reading programs may feature books that aren't a good fit for your family. We carefully select our books to be compatible with a biblical worldview.

We know Christian parents are looking for great book ideas for their children and teens. We'll help you raise discerning readers even as you're enjoying good stories together.

Our Christian summer reading program will help you have a memorable summer full of great stories, biblical truth, and lots of fun.

As a an added bonus, we give a portion of our summer reading proceeds to support Christian ministries; your dollars will bless others! Past recipients have included Servant Group International (2 years), local churches (2020, we offered the devotional portion of our program free to churches for their summer use), and an orphanage library in Kenya (2021). The 2022 recipient was By The Hand: a Christ-centered, after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them from kindergarten through college, loving and nurturing them—mind, body and soul.

Soli deo gloria!


Sounds great: how much does this program cost?

The entire 6-week program is only $14.99 (before any applicable taxes)! This includes all the related digital materials from Redeemed Reader such as the e-zine, discussion questions, and more; program cost does not include books or supplies for any activities you may choose to do.

Do I have to buy lots of new books to complete the program?

Not unless you want to! We've come up with a list of thematically-related titles for all ages that include plenty of options. Some can be found used or borrowed from friends or family. Some will likely be in your public library. Some may even be on your shelves already! This year, though, we're partnering with two other Christian agencies to bring you the books at competitive prices: your purchase will support THREE different Christian small businesses, should you choose to purchase books!

Is this program only for Christians?

You are welcome to journey with us, no matter what your religious beliefs are. But please note that this is a Christian program: in addition to the devotionals, the discussion questions will also reflect a (Protestant) Christian perspective. Our entire focus this summer is on the book of Proverbs.

Are the suggested books all Christian books?

Per our usual approach here at Redeemed Reader, we read from a wide variety of sources (secular and Christian, old and new). We believe the books chosen are all compatible with a biblical worldview, and our discussion questions will help you tease out the nuances. This year, many of the authors are professing Christians, even though their books may be published by secular publishers.

Are there any fantasy books on the list?

Yes. We encourage you to read reviews for any books with which you unfamiliar to make sure they are a good fit for your family.

How do I get the program?

Once we launch the program, you'll be able to register. Participants will receive an e-zine (available in early June) with book lists and other resources, activities, and a summer reading tracker. Participants will also receive regular emails throughout the challenge with devotionals and other resources.

Do I have to read along during the same dates?

Participants will get a weekly email with extra resources; you may save those resources and read the materials later at a time that works for your family. All of the resources will be uploaded to a Summer Reading Hub for you to access at your convenience. However, the prizes offered at the end for completion are time sensitive and will only work for those who do the program during the official dates.

Can I do this with a group?

We think a group would be a lot of fun! The purchase price will include a license to print as many copies as you need for your immediate family. If you are part of a larger group, please contact us for a group discount.