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SRC Week 6, Teen List: The Giver and Genesis in Space and Time

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Welcome to our discussion of our final books on the teen Summer Reading Challenge!

Unlike the previous discussions, I turned hosting duties over to Hayley Schoeppler, our executive assistant. She herself is only a sophomore in college, and Amos Peck, RR’s current male intern, is as well. Joining them on this podcast by telephone (and not perfect audio, but with lots of wisdom and insight!) is Valen Caldwell, an intern with Breakpoint.org. In addition, RR’s female intern, Grace Olson, joins us as a high school student. So, thank you to each of our young readers for all your hard work!

The Discussion

We hope soon to give you a transcript of this discussion, since The Giver is being released as a movie on August 15. But until then, here is the discussion! Hope you enjoy!

Let us know what you think below! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you like the book? Do you plan to see The Giver when it comes out in August?

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