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Web Newberys and News (Feb. 4, 2013)

Hope you guys survived the Super Bowl!  It’s a new month, and we’re looking forward to some great new books at Redeemedreader.  Leading up to Valentine’s Day, we have some very fun guests to help us think through the idea of virtuous romance, and we’ll get lots of ideas of classic, recent, and movie versions you’ll want to check out.  And we do have some nifty posts about historical books for kids coming up, covering Lincoln, Cleopatra, and more.

Web Newberys

But til then, we do have some noteworthy links to toss your way.

  • mybrothersbookMaurice Sendak:  Meghan Cox Gurdon of the Wall Street Journal reviews Sendak’s posthumous release: “though outwardly resembling a children’s book, contains prose and art far more suited to the meditative adult.”  
  • 3D Visit to the Pyramids:  I won’t weigh in on whether this is really a book.  But regardless, young fans of ancient history may want to check out this new app reviewed at Horn Book’s website, with “3D imaging and zoom capabilities allow for 360 degree rotation and manipulation of space and objects in this…interactive e-book.” 
  • Harry Potter…Naked?  Whitney Williams of World reports on Harry Potter star, Daniel Ratcliffe, and his latest pornographic movie role.  With Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence recently getting Oscar buzz for Silver Linings Playbook, which also includes significant sexually mature (I’d say immature) material, one has to ask what will be the impact on younger generations who idolize them.
  • Blogging for Books:  If your teenager is getting old enough to write thoughtful reviews, you might consider letting him or her start a blog…and take advantage of these free book programs.  Since we’re homeschoolers, I hope to do this with my girls when they are older (and if they want to!).
  • Focus on the Family Reviews:  I only just found out that Focus on the Family offers book kids’ book reviews at thrivingfamily.com, in much the same format as Pluggedinonline.com offers movie reviews.  With thousands of kids’ books published each season, we’re happy to have all the help we can get!


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