Bible Reading Challenge, Week 34

THE PROPHETS:  Messiah–The Forerunner

In Malachi’s book of prophecy, God has fulfilled another promise.  He’s brought His people back out of Babylonian captivity and into the promised land.  The temple has been rebuilt, and everything is peachy…or so they think.   Though they don’t worship idols, they are still covenant breakers who complain and mock God with their contempt.  But the Lord will still discipline His people, and He will “suddenly come to His temple” in the messenger of the covenant.  Who is coming?  And what will he be like?  The tension mounts further during Malachi’s day and the 450 years of silence before the New Testament….

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  • .pdf download: will resume next week, Lord willing!


For last week’s study, here’s Challenge 33.  Or just see the category link with all the previous Bible Challenges.  And please be aware that we are taking the weekend off next weekend (Labor Day) to prepare for our New Testament Bible Challenge to begin the second weekend of September.  Look for Carl Dean White to rejoin us then, too, as our illustrator!

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