Web Newberys (Sept. 10)

Fun, surprising, and brilliant web posts about books in the last few weeks, particularly those for kids:

  • Notes from the Horn Book:  If you love kids’ books and want to keep up with the secular world’s best books, the Horn Book emails are a great place to start.  Here is a link to what is covered in this week’s email, including a number of promising new kids’ books.
  • Kidlit Election:  The folks at Horn Book are also hosting a kid-friendly mock election, with Babar standing in for the Republican elephant and Eeyore for the Democratic donkey.  If you’re looking for a way to get your kids excited about the real election, here’s an informational and kid-friendly place to start!
  • Christian Fairy Tales?  The folks at Breakpoint Youth Reads review a recent retelling of Snow White by Christian author, Melanie Dickerson.  Find out how she weaves Christian principles and worldview into the story, apparently without losing any drama.  (Have you read this?  Would love to hear other Christians’ takes!)
  • Tribute to Madeleine L’Engle: Lots of thoughtful cultural and literary analysis, including an interview with her by Christianity Today.  Among other interesting questions, hear her answer the question, “Are you a universalist?”
  • Worldview in Lit:  The Gospel Coalition is hosting a series on worldview in the world’s top ten most-read books of literature.  Some of you with older teens might like to use it as a reading project together!
  • iStorybook Bible:  For those of you who’d like a more portable copy of Sally Lloyd Jones’ The Jesus Storybook Bible, it’s on sale today only for iPad and iPhone for $3.99! And while we’re on the subject, for $3 you can put The Jesus Storybook Bible in the hands of an orphan in Ukraine.  See Orphancareresources.org for more info.

I should also say, sorry for those of you who had trouble accessing the site earlier.  Our server has been on the fritz today, but it seems to be all well now…hopefully!  Thanks for your patience.

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