The Seven Worst Realities About Being a Bookworm

The Seven Worst Realities About Being a Bookworm,
according to a 10-year-old boy, are:

1. Appetite for reading surpasses appetite for meals

(“H, what book are you hiding under the table? Put it away!!”)

2. Library Fines

(Mom pays them anyway, so oh well.)

3. Competing with other readers in the family

(Who want to read your book and pick it up when you just put it down.)

4. The agony of putting down your book to do math

(Unless you can hide the book in your lap.)

5. Finding a quiet place to read

(With four brothers?!)

6. Finding another great series

(Nothing could be so good as this one. I’ll just read it again.)

7. Being assigned a book you don’t care about instead of something you really want to read.

(Unless, sometimes, it’s actually worth reading.)

Thanks to my eldest son, H, who confessed these realities and has to live with them.

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Megan is Associate Editor for Redeemed Reader who loves nothing more than helping readers (and non-readers) find books which are not only a good fit for them, but also combine Truth and Story. She has never regretted reading all those fairy tales in childhood, even though she didn’t realize at the time how much they matter to real life. She is the founder of Literaritea Press and plans to publish her first picture book soon. Megan lives with her husband and five boys in Virginia where she enjoys knitting, playing with words, and mountain views.


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  2. Stories & Stuff on July 31, 2020 at 2:54 am

    Yep. Plus sleep deprivation (cover the bedside lamp with a shirt so the parents don’t notice it shining too much)

    • Megan on August 1, 2020 at 6:18 pm

      Great addition to the list!

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