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*Spot, the Cat by Henry Cole

Can you spot the cat with the spot in this cleverly illustrated black-and-white wordless picture book?

RR_Spot the Cat

*Spot, the Cat by Henry Cole. Little Simon, 2016. 32 pages.

Reading Level: Wordless picture book, ages 0-8

Recommended For: Kids of all ages who like seek-and-find books

Spot, the cat, is on an adventure. His white body with single dark spot on each side should be relatively easy to spot (pun intended). And yet, when his young owner realizes Spot is gone, he doesn’t see Spot anywhere! In detailed, clever black and white drawings, Spot simply fades into the illustration. Undaunted, his owner makes “lost” signs with Spot’s picture and sets out to find his cherished pet.

Readers young and old will delight in this picture book full of interesting things to look at–and a wayward cat to spot! As Spot’s adventure progresses, readers see a city teeming with life, people of all shapes and sizes busily going about their daily work, and, finally, a tired boy reunited with his equally tired cat. We might note to young readers that the Lord cares equally for us, his wayward children, but unlike Spot, we don’t return without the Lord’s active drawing us back in!

Cautions: none

Overall Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Worldview Rating: 5

Artistic Rating: 5

*indicates starred review

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