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Emma and Julia Love Ballet by Barbara McClintock

Emma, a young ballet student, and Julia, a professional dancer, simultaneously dance their way through a typical day in this sweet picture book.

RR_Emma and Julia


Emma and Julia Love Ballet by Barbara McClintock. Scholastic, 2016. 32 pages.

Reading Level: Picture Books, Ages 4-8

Recommended For: Ages 4-8, especially young ballerinas

Young Emma and older Julia both love ballet, and, despite the difference in their ages and skill levels, follow roughly the same daily procedure as they prepare for ballet, learn new movements, and practice. The parallel story follows both Emma and Julia through these similar movements as the detailed illustrations cleverly show how the two girls are different. As the story concludes, Emma’s family goes to the theater to watch Julia perform.

Illustrations are charming and depict a wide variety of young dancers of all ages, ethnicities, and both genders. Clearly, ballet is hard work, and consistent practice is required to be able to perform like Julia. Young ballerinas will especially enjoy this story, but all young athletes will appreciate the reminder that dedication and consistent practice pay off!

Cautions: none

Overall Rating: 4.75

Worldview Rating: 4.75

Artistic Rating: 4.75

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