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The Summer of Great Family Reads

For Everything, There is a Season

There are patterns in Scripture of both the Lord and his people resting from their labors.

Summer is such a time for contemporary students and teachers. After working hard during the school year, minds and bodies need a break whether they were in a traditional classroom all winter or studying diligently at home. Summer is also a time for families to re-connect.

The Summer of Great Family Reads

To that end, instead of a Summer Reading Challenge this summer like we’ve done in the past, we are focusing broadly on great family reads: books with wide age appeal, boy and girl appeal, and occasionally with a summer setting. Some will be current, and some will be older titles that you’re more likely to find in audio format for long road trips or beach-friendly used paperbacks. Look for these from Memorial Day through the end of July.

Sounds Awesome, But I Can’t Wait!

If you can’t wait until Memorial Day, though, here’s a short list of great reads to get you started. In general, age recommendations below reflect listening level/complexity, but we encourage you to read the review itself:

For picture books, simply browse the picture book category. You can also pick one of our most popular earlier Summer Reading Challenges to do as a family (see below), check out our 30 Great New Books List, or simply browse all books with “summer” somewhere in the title/post.


Talk amongst yourselves...


  1. Yay for book lists, thanks 🙂

    Our current favorites are The Green Ember by S.D. Smith and Always Plenty by Caroline Rose Craft.

    From this list I think Anna Hibiscus will be my first want-to-read 🙂

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