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Three Recent Board Books to Share With Little Ones

Little ones need access to plenty of sturdy board books so they can participate in family read-aloud gatherings. Here are three titles to pick up next time a little one needs some attention.

For families who are studying ancient Greece


The Mini Myths series by Joan Holub and Leslie Patricelli sets famous stories from Greek mythology in a preschooler’s context to demonstrate patience, caution and sharing. Pandora wants to open the box even though her mother told her to wait. Icarus and his father build a kite, but he flies it too high. Aphrodite boasts about winning the golden apple, but finds that sharing is nicer. The stories are simple and amusing for anyone who is familiar with a young child’s behavior, and especially for those who know something about the imperfections of the deities on Mount Olympus. (For those who don’t, the myth is summarized at the end.) These new endings show an improvement in both relationships and behavior. A nice series for those who are reading all about ancient history and have little ones trying to participate.

For dinosaur-loving older siblings to practice reading aloud


Christopher Franceschelli and Peskimo continue the chunky Alphablock series with this latest addition. Dinosaur characteristics are creatively compared with what might already be known to a child: familiar animals, tents, truck, even tall buildings. For those who can never get enough of dinosaurs and thrive on long names, this is an imaginative book that doesn’t specifically mention millions of years or claim that birds are dinosaur descendants. How accurate the behaviors might be is uncertain, but children will enjoy the possibilities. Brightly colored illustrations are inviting and pronunciation of scientific names is provided. Siblings who love dinosaurs can practice “reading” to little ones when parents need a break.

For grandparents who are expecting visits

RR_grandmas nursery rhymes

Sweet illustrations bring a fresh, classic look to Old MacDonald in this title in Petra Brown’s Grandma’s Nursery Rhymes series. Grandma MacDonald runs a charming little farm with lots and LOTS of chicks! The chicks appear with a wide variety of animals who are all delighted to see them, and all join in the chorus at the end. E-I-E-I-O! Remember to set this one out when the grandkids visit. (Kindle version also available.)

What are your favorite books to share with the little ones in your life?

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