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Free Classic ebooks

As many of you know–particularly those who’ve read our newsletter this week (and if you haven’t signed up already, why not take a moment and sign up in the top, right-hand sidebar?!)–tomorrow I’ll be posting an interview with Michael of Malechi Tech about ereaders and kids’ safety.  If that topic seems like a stretch, by the way, you really need to tune in tomorrow.  I’ve got good news, and bad news.

How about some good news first?  In my prep for the interview, however, here is one silver lining.  I had a chance to skim through the much heralded Google ebookstore.  Perhaps you’ve heard about it, and perhaps not.  But for anyone who values classic novels, the Google ebookstore has at least one virtual bookshelf you don’t want to miss: the “Free Classics” shelf.   Unlike many free classic ebooks, those offered here seem to be much cleaner–ok, pristine, in fact–and they give you the layout of real books which you can flip through.  You don’t need an ereader or any special software to take advantage, by the way.  You can just download the book and read on your computer.

For conservative homeschool types, I doubt this will do much to lighten your overloaded bookshelves at home.  But as a supplement, especially for books your teenage kids need to read but don’t have a special affinity for, this is a resource you may want to bookmark.  (Did I mention it’s free?)


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