Redeemed Reader Quarterly: The Literary Honey Issue (August, 2022)

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The Literary Honey Issue of the Redeemed Quarterly (August, 2022) honors the work of Gladys Hunt, author of Honey for a Child’s Heart. An interview with Mark Hunt, Gladys Hunt’s son, plus our favorites from Honey for a Child’s Heart and the books we’d add.

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It’s time for the old-fashioned literary review magazine to make a comeback.

The Redeemed Reader Quarterly aims to do just that. Bonus: it’s ad-free!

Each themed print magazine issue includes traditional literary review elements:

  • book reviews in brief
  • book lists
  • articles on book-related material
  • practical and educational tips
  • additional resources related to that issue’s theme

Each issue also has kid-friendly content such as activity pages and, occasionally, reader-submitted content.

The Literary Honey Issue (August, 2022) of the RRQ: “In this issue, we will pull back the curtain a bit. Which books do we love most from those recommended in Honey for a Child’s Heart? Which titles might we add? (See the Books section, beginning on p. 11). What resources in addition to Honey for a Child’s Heart are worth checking out? We highlight a few on page 5, but we dive deep on pages 14-16. What was it like to carry on Gladys Hunt’s work for this latest edition of Honey for a Child’s Heart? Check out our interview with her son, Mark Hunt, editor of the most recent addition (p. 7). We pick Meghan Cox Gurdon’s brain about reading aloud in response to her excellent book, The Enchanted Hour (p. 17). And, finally, we share some plans for a new adventure (p. 22)!” ~from Betsy’s editorial

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