Redeemed Reader Quarterly: The Myths and Legends Issue (November, 2021)

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The November 2021 Redeemed Reader Quarterly Myths & Legends Issue examines myths and legends in light of the gospel: what should we look for when we analyze myths and legends? How do we, as Christians, understand these stories? What is a good translation or retelling of a book like Homer’s Odyssey?

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It’s time for the old-fashioned literary review magazine to make a comeback.

The Redeemed Reader Quarterly aims to do just that. Bonus: it’s ad-free!

Each themed print magazine issue includes traditional literary review elements:

  • book reviews in brief
  • book lists
  • articles on book-related material
  • practical and educational tips
  • additional resources related to that issue’s theme

Each issue also has kid-friendly content such as activity pages and, occasionally, reader-submitted content.

The Myths & Legends Issue (November, 2021) of the RRQ: “This fifth issue of the Quarterly shows how Scripture compares to pagan myths, and how we as Christians can approach them. Alysha describes how a popular series based on mythology disappoints readers when it aligns with modern agendas (see page 6; note: parents may wish to preview this article before handing to children). Angelina has a lot to say about the difference between myths and legends and how they actually point us to the gospel, for those whose eyes are opened to see (page 9). We have LOADS of book recommendations for children and teens, especially for ages 8+. If you have younger ones, you might enjoy reading some of these titles yourself and preparing younger children with Aesop or some of Betsy’s other suggestions on page 16. Our Tall Tales Story Tea is also just right for the under 8 crowd (see page 8).” ~from Megan’s editorial

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