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Book Bits (June 3, 2016)


Read on for interesting book-related news from around the web….

Boston Globe-Hornbook Award Announced Yesterday! We’ve reviewed a few of them here and for World Magazine: Goodbye, Stranger, Most DangerousThe Voice of Fannie Lou Hamer (World link), Symphony for the City of the Dead (World link).

Summer Reading: In case you missed it, it’s the Summer of Great Family Reads here at Redeemed Reader!

Summer Reading for Grown-ups: Lots of places are offering summer reading lists for grown-ups. The Modern Mrs. Darcy has an interesting looking list (note: we have not read these titles; read with discretion).

Does your teen know how to code? This IL teen created a library app now being tested and used by 6 area schools!

Author Spotlights

We Came to America: Faith Ringgold’s newest book (published in May) celebrates the people of America. Julie Danielson interviews Ringgold for Kirkus.

Captain Jack: Julie Danielson features Helen Oxenbury and her art from Captain Jack (reviewed here).

Jeanne Birdsall and N. D. Wilson: Betsy Bird hosts a panel discussion with Birdsall and Wilson! (note: we haven’t had a chance to watch it, so exercise discernment as always!).

Aaron Zenz: Oh, the delights of having a dad who is an illustrator and who encourages family reading!

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