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Book Bits (Friday, May 6, 2016)

Read on for interesting book-related news from around the web….

Adult Coloring Books?


RR_Whatever is lovelyAdult coloring books are all the rage, but some Christians have concerns over coloring mandalas (Eastern religious symbols); not to fear! There are also Christian coloring books with texts and symbols drawn from Scripture, hymns, and Christian tradition.

Tolkien fans, this is for you! The Bodleian Library has acquired a map of Middle Earth annotated by the man himself.

Internet v. Books

Do you love learning the old-fashioned way, with people and books (as opposed to online)? You’re not alone.

Good news: “the internet has not killed the book.”

Best Sellers?

Curious about mainstream children’s best sellers? I’ll give you a hint: the top sellers are probably not on YOUR top buy list.

But perhaps, you’ve bought one of the Christian best sellers?

Children’s Lit Nerds: Interesting words about wordless books from today’s top creators

Multimedia Presentation of Christian Artist

RR_LilyMegan recently reviewed Lily: The Girl Who Could Seea picture book biography about Lilias Trotter, in World. In addition to an adult biography of Trotter, there is also a well-received new movie about this talented artist who chose the mission field over lessons with John Ruskin. You can watch a trailer for the new movie online!


Reading Aloud

A great list of 50 Alternatives to Sitting Still for a read aloud (this popular link has been cropping up in my FB feed–maybe you’ve seen it, too!).

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