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Divergent: Coffee and Conversation

divergentA few weeks ago, Veronica Roth’s book Divergent hit the big screen.  In God’s providence, that morning I also happened to be in the same town as Hayley, our intrepid intern-turned-exec-assistant, who is now a student at Boyce College.  So, we slid up to the table in a local coffee house, got a couple of cups of Nicaraguan/Sumatra blend, and went to work doing what we book lovers do–discussing the books and movie, which I screened last week.

We had hoped to present this as an audio file, but the background was too overwhelming.  So, a friend of Hayley’s, Amos Peck, was kind enough to transcribe the audio for us.  And we’ve included it here as a .pdf download.  Hope you enjoy!

The .pdf Download: RR Divergent Discussion

And fyi, we purchased some new recording equipment, so hopefully before long, you’ll be able to pull up a chair at our coffee shop table, and listen in on these discussions!


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  1. Kim says

    Poor Katniss, no one likes her very much (me included). She’s the only character I know who can give up her life to save her sister and still be called selfish. 🙂

    Interesting discussion, thanks!

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