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Series Fiction for Tweens and Teens: A Book Series List!

By Betsy | August 16, 2019

Recommended book series for tweens and teens no matter what type of reading they enjoy!

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Tools for Leaving Home: a List for Fledgling Adults

By Janie | August 2, 2019

A list of books that might help with the difficult transition from teen to adult in today’s confusing culture

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Our Favorite Mice: A Booklist

By Hayley | July 11, 2019

Have you ever stopped to consider how many mice are in children’s literature? There is something about these small, unlikely protagonists that captures the imagination. …

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A Lunar List: New Books About the Moon

By Betsy | July 8, 2019

New picture books about the moon and the moon landing, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!

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Patriotic Book List for Independence Day

By Megan | June 29, 2019

A patriotic book list full of biographies, stories, trivia, and more all about the American Revolution.

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What Makes a “Strong Girl Character”? Thoughts and a Podcast

By Janie | June 20, 2019

Does rejecting gender stereotypes mean there are no distinctions between strong girls and strong boys?

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Family Vacation Book List: Fun for the Whole Family

By Betsy | June 17, 2019

Going on vacation this summer? What about daily trips to the pool and back? Perhaps you have some summer evenings on the porch planned. Sounds …

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The Money-Smart Family System by Steve Economides

By Janie | June 11, 2019

“Money smarts” begin at home in this family-oriented guide to teaching wise management.

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Simple Summer Reading Challenge for Tweens and Teens

By Betsy | June 6, 2019

A simple summer reading challenge for tweens and teens AND their families.

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Summer Reading Challenge Round-Up

By Betsy | June 6, 2019

Summer Reading Challenge Round-up: our three most popular programs in one spot.

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