Four Good Books for Littles

By Megan | July 29, 2020

Young children need Truth, and it’s never too early to begin. Board Books by Danielle Hitchen, illustrated by Jessica Blanchard. Baby Believer series. First Bible Basics: A counting primer An excellent God-centered, doctrinally solid, appealing introduction to the Bible and the Trinity. One God, two natures of Christ, three persons in the Trinity, four gospels…eight…

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God Will Provide … Yes, Even the Books

By Betsy | July 27, 2020

My friends, have you been swapping books? Last week, I got to visit three young friends of mine (and their mother). I traded wildflowers from my yard for books from my friend. #winwin I also talked her girls into reading Farmer Boy, even though it’s not about Laura. We discussed how many books there are…

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Homeschool Resources Worth the Money

By Betsy | July 23, 2020

Are You Homeschooling in 2020? This school year is starting off like no other, isn’t it? My husband and I both grew up attending private schools. I earned a teaching degree in college (and later a school library degree), and I’ve worked in both public and private institutions. I love school: the traditional calendar, the…

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Ordinary Homeschooling: Just serve dinner.

By Megan | July 22, 2020

This is a dangerous post. If you’re like me, you’ll see the resources that our family has chosen and think “Ooh, THAT’s what I need to improve my life!” I can’t promise you that, any more than an instant pot cookbook will revolutionize your meal planning. But I can show you a few resources that…

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Love Your Yard: Nature Study Books to Spark “Creation Appreciation”

By Betsy | July 20, 2020

Nature Study … or Creation Appreciation? I’m a nature study junkie. And my kids have been along for the ride since birth. It’s so much a part of our life that we can be very annoying to hike with. Ahem. We need to reclaim “nature study” and call it “Creation Appreciation.” Nature study (or Creation…

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Rapid Fire: YA Fantasy, July 2020

By Hayley | July 14, 2020

Two series starters that fizzled and two new authors to enjoy.

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Purple House Press: An interview with Jill Morgan

By Megan | June 19, 2020

Purple House Press revives delightful out of print stories for a new generation. 1. What motivated you to start Purple House Press? Back in the 90s I sold out of print children’s books. My customers kept requesting the same books over and over even though they were hard to find. One of them was Mr.…

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Books about Racism for Children and Teens

By Betsy | June 8, 2020

Books About Racism Are Important Books don’t save. Only Jesus saves. But books can be terrific discussion starters, particularly when we want to discuss current events, understand a different point of view, or simply show our children the tremendous diversity the Lord put in his creation. These are some of the books we have found…

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Back Porch Book Chat: S. D. Smith, Author

By Betsy | June 1, 2020

Back Porch Book Chat: A casual, virtual conversation about books. Join us as we chat with book lovers like ourselves about a topic we all love! Our guest today is S. D. Smith from West Virginia. He chats with us about his family’s reading life, his writing (Green Ember!), and the StoryWarren website. Check out…

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Back Porch Book Chat: W. R. Gingell (Author)

By Hayley | May 18, 2020

Back Porch Book Chat: A casual, virtual conversation about books. Join us as we chat with book lovers like ourselves about a topic we all love! Our guest today is W. R. Gingell from Australia. She chats with us about fantasy, books and authors that shaped her, why she writes “clean” fiction and more! Interview…

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