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The Pilgrim Travels on: Literary References to The Pilgrim’s Progress

By Janie | May 16, 2019

Few works of literature have had the cultural reach of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.  That’s pretty amazing—who would have thought an adventure story that …

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Shakespeare Fun and Frivolity

By Megan | May 15, 2019

Shakespeare fans who have room on their shelves and a box of freshly sharpened colored pencils will find good application for both with three fun …

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Birds of a Feather: a Book List for Bird Lovers

By Betsy | April 23, 2019

A short list of favorite books about birds and bird-watching.

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Bible Review: CSB Defend Your Faith

By Janie | April 20, 2019

The Defend Your Faith Bible equips middle graders for apologetics with arguments for the reasonableness and accuracy of the scriptures.

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Bible Review: CSB Study Bible for Girls (and Boys)

By Janie | April 19, 2019

Though more of a devotional Bible than a study Bible, this edition offers thought-provoking questions and application features.

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Bible Reviews: NIV God’s Treasure, Polar Adventure, and Incredible Creatures

By Janie | April 18, 2019

Three recent editions of the NIV from Zondervan target adventurous kids and fantasy lovers.

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Why Your Church Nursery Needs a Library

By Megan | April 17, 2019

The Lord has been challenging my reading skills and assumptions lately, both humbling and teaching me in the process. I had offered to teach a …

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Bible Review: the Stampede of “Creative” Bibles

By Janie | April 15, 2019

A coloring/journaling Bible may make a lovely gift for the right recipient, but is it the best choice for reading and studying?

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The Author’s Mission: Gary Schmidt

By Janie | March 28, 2019

What’s the story behind a Gary Schmidt story? More significantly, what are the questions?

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Faith, Fiction, & Fellowship, Week 3: Let’s Discuss!

By Betsy | March 20, 2019

Some discussion questions for week 3!

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