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5 Questions for a Book Giver’s Interview

By Megan | November 12, 2019

If you like giving books for birthdays, Christmas, hygge, or any other reason, you may often be wondering: what would this child enjoy? We love …

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Back Porch Book Chat: Sarah Dempsen (After School Ministry Leader)

By Betsy | November 7, 2019

Betsy interviews Sarah Dempsen, mom and co-director of an after school program on the Yakama Reservation.

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Truth and Story

By Megan | November 6, 2019

(Note: Betsy and I are indebted to Ethan Pettit, librarian and Children’s Literature professor from Covenant College, who enlightened us so much in seeing Christ …

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Calling All Readers: Annual Reading Challenge Info!

By Betsy | October 21, 2019

Reading challenge check-in and information on the new 2020 reading challenge!

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Voyages of Discovery, or, How NOT to “Teach Reading”

By Janie | October 18, 2019

When did reading and literature become academic subjects? And is that a good thing?

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Back Porch Book Chat: Melissa Deming (Bible Teacher)

By Betsy | October 14, 2019

Back Porch Book Chat: A Casual Conversation about Books. Today’s guest is Melissa Deming.

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Choosing Biographies: Practical Considerations

By Betsy | September 30, 2019

Some practical considerations to keep in mind when choosing biographies for your children or students.

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Choosing Biographies

By Betsy | September 22, 2019

What is the most important question in choosing biographies? We’ve got the answer!

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Go Build Something! Engineering Books for Boys (and Girls)

By Janie | September 21, 2019

A booklist of fun and informative titles on engineering for all ages

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4 Books About the Reading Life: a Literary Nightstand Round-Up

By Betsy | September 16, 2019

On Reading Well, Book Girl, Bequest of Wings, and I’d Rather be Reading: books about the joys of the reading life.

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