The Pilgrim’s Progress Guide

$9.99 (Excl. Tax)

Did you see the recent Pilgrim’s Progress movie? Are you one of the many who have requested our Pilgrim’s Progress download guide to The Dangerous Journey? The wait is over!

We’re excited to announce our Pilgrim’s Progress Guide which includes our most popular Pilgrim’s Progress resources, newly formatted and updated for easy use. The guide also includes resources for a Pilgrim’s Progress party, tools to use when discussing The Pilgrim’s Progress with older children and teens, reviews of Pilgrim’s Progress retellings, and a fantastic talk to use with your church or small group about shepherding a child’s imagination.

Bonus: those who purchase a Pilgrim’s Progress Guide through our shop will also get a 50% off coupon towards an amazing new Pilgrim’s Progress Coloring Book


It’s Here!

Our Pilgrim’s Progress Guide includes our most popular Pilgrim’s Progress resources, newly formatted and updated for easy use. Product can be read easily on a screen or printed for your convenience.

This guide will enable you to:

  • Teach a series using The Dangerous Journey (perfect for Sunday School, Christian school classrooms, and homeschool families)
  • Throw a Pilgrim’s Progress-themed party that helps participants follow in Christian’s footsteps (posters included!).
  • Work through a devotional guide based on The Pilgrim’s Progress with older kids and teens.
  • Learn how to shepherd a child’s imagination and facilitate a discussion with your church family on this important subject.
  • Discover our favorite retellings that help bring The Pilgrim’s Progress alive for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Read a bonus interview with a contemporary author who wrote an innovative Pilgrim’s Progress retelling.

One of the most exciting reasons to snatch up this guide is a brand new coloring book for The Pilgrim’s Progress. Purchase of our guides includes a 50% off coupon for The Pilgrim’s Progress Coloring Book by Arianna Francis. Arianna based her clever illustrations on early Pilgrim’s Progress engravings, simplifying them for coloring ease. Taking inspiration from folk lore, she uses animals to help reinforce what the characters represent. Children will remember Timorous (a mouse), our own journey as pilgrims (Christian is, fittingly, a sheep), and the many other allegorical characters after using Arianna’s book. We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen a coloring book like this for Pilgrim’s Progress!