Children’s Bible Guide

$9.95 (Excl. Tax)

Does your child have a Bible?

We want our children and teens to fall in love with God’s Word. But which of the many children’s and teen’s versions is the best one for your child?

Not to worry: we’ve gathered more than 70 reviews of Bibles for children and teens into this one guide. Bonus content includes information on translations, in-text features, reading level, and more.


Children’s Bible Confusion?

Each new stage of childhood opens up new doors in spiritual awareness and understanding. And, as children develop, they naturally “grow into” different Bibles: Bibles specifically for new readers, solid children’s Bibles or adult versions that are especially readable, meatier study Bibles for teens, and finally, the robust Bibles many of us use as adults.

But how do you choose which Bible is the best fit for right now? Have they outgrown the Bible they’ve used for 5 years? What if you’re attending a new church that uses a new translation than the one you’ve been using at home? What if your teen is suddenly asking deep questions and wants a Bible with study helps?

There’s nothing else quite like this Children’s Bible Guide.

It will help you discover which Bible is the best fit for your particular child, helping you take into consideration your family’s preferred Bible translation, the reading level of your child, and what features might be most helpful.

The Children’s Bible Guide contains nearly 1oo pages of content including:

  • Meaty introductory material about the history of Bible translation and what sets each of the more popular translations apart
  • A guide to common features in children’s and teens’ Bibles: in-text features, maps, reading level, illustrations, and more
  • Suggestions for what to look for and how to evaluate which Bible is the best for YOUR child
  • More than 70 reviews of Bibles for children and teens in all of the leading Bible translations: NIV, ESV, CSB, KJV, NASB, and more. Reviews include font size, analysis of Bible features, recommended age ranges, and an overall rating. Starred reviews are the ones we recommend the most!
  • Reviews are pulled from Janie’s Bible reviews throughout her years with Redeemed Reader

Children’s Bible Guide: Especially for Christian Workers

If you’re a pastor, youth leader, children’s ministry worker, Sunday School teacher, or Christian school teacher, this guide will help you as you disciple the children and families under your care. Every church should have a copy.