Redeemed Reader Quarterly: The Road Trip Issue (May, 2022)

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The May 2022 Redeemed Reader Quarterly Road Trip Issue (May, 2022) takes readers on fictional adventures and offers resources for YOUR adventures. Maps, audio books, travel narratives and more await your perusal.

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It’s time for the old-fashioned literary review magazine to make a comeback.

The Redeemed Reader Quarterly aims to do just that. Bonus: it’s ad-free!

Each themed print magazine issue includes traditional literary review elements:

  • book reviews in brief
  • book lists
  • articles on book-related material
  • practical and educational tips
  • additional resources related to that issue’s theme

Each issue also has kid-friendly content such as activity pages and, occasionally, reader-submitted content.

The Road Trip Issue (May, 2022) of the RRQ: “Road trips are a marvel of our age—what other generation has had the benefit of an extensive highway system, a vast variety of vehicles, and relatively cheap gas with which to explore this beautiful country? If you’re planning a road trip for this summer, we have resources for you: audio books, maps and travel guides, roadside attractions. We have an interview with one of our favorite authors who’s on the mother-of-all road trips. We have fun and informative reads (as always).” ~from Janie’s editorial

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