honey for a child's heart read along

Honey for a Child's Heart Read Along

Read Honey for a Child's Heart and select children's books with us! Available at no additional charge for all Fellowship members at Golden or Silver Key level.

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Find all the materials you need on the Honey for a Child's Heart Hub!

Are you...

...wondering how to evaluate the books at your local library?

Are you...

...wishing you knew how to choose the best books for your family?

Are you...

...hoping to build great relationships with your family over good books?

Join us as we go "back to school" this year with Gladys Hunt using her book, Honey for a Child's HeartWe'll build on our understanding of Truth and Story. We'll practice evaluating books in different categories (genres and formats). And we'll enjoy reading great children's books along the way. 

This read along is for all members of the Redeemed Reader Fellowship, Golden or Silver Key Level.

Already a member? Find all the materials you need on the Honey for a Child's Heart Hub!

Connect with your kids and focus on real hope

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What Will We Read Together?

Honey for a Child's Heart by Gladys Hunt

(We'll be using the newest, 50th anniversary edition, but you're welcome to use an older one as well.)

We will also be reading select children's books (picture books, children's novels, and 1 or 2 "teen" books) selected from the book lists in Honey for a Child's Heart. As soon as you join the Fellowship, you'll have access to the "Honey for a Child's Heart Hub" which will have the complete book list. Already a member? Find the resources on the Hub today! Below is a sampling of the delights that await!

honey for a child's heart
Homer Price cover

Homer Price

Middle Grades

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waiting is not easy cover

Waiting Is Not Easy!

Easy Reader

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flossie and the fox cover

Flossie and the Fox

Picture Book

best christmas pageant ever cover

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Middle Grades

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where the mountain meets the moon cover

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Middle Grades

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At Redeemed Reader, we’re reading ahead for you.

We'll provide additional book suggestions that coordinate with and complement those in Honey for a Child's Heart. Each month, participants will receive a book list that goes with that month's "theme" or chapter from Honey for a Child's Heart.

But we know that we can't read all the books you and your family will come across! And, there's no substitute for YOU being equipped to practice discernment on behalf of YOUR family.

The best way to grow in discernment (other than time in God's Word) is to find your people: one or more people in your life that you can talk about these ideas with. We'll provide resources and model discussion for you, but there's no substitute for learning alongside your real life community: church, school, family, neighborhood, playgroup, etc.

So, grab a copy of Honey for a Child's Heart, grab a friend or spouse or neighbor, and start reading alongside us! It's going to be a great year!

Soli deo gloria!


Sounds great: how much does this program cost?

This program is FREE for our Golden and Silver Key Fellowship members as an added bonus to their membership.

Do I have to buy lots of new books to complete the program?

Not unless you want to! Other than Honey for a Child's Heart, most (if not all) of the recommended children's book titles should be in your local library.

How much time will this take?

Believe it or not: not much! Like you, we're busy with real life away from the screen, too. We will read one chapter of Honey for a Child's Heart each month plus one children's book. We'll rotate between picture books, easy readers, and longer middle grades books. There is no online forum to pay attention to, no webinars to fit into your busy schedule, and no required online community. In fact, the best way to take advantage of this is to include the children's titles as part of your ordinary read alouds and talk about these ideas with the people you already do life with!

Is this program only for Christians?

You are welcome to journey with us, no matter what your religious beliefs are. But please note that this is a Christian program: Honey for a Child's Heart is an unapologetically Christian book, and the discussion questions will also reflect a Christian perspective.

Are the suggested books all Christian books?

Per our usual approach here at Redeemed Reader, we read from a wide variety of sources (secular and Christian, old and new). We believe the books chosen are all compatible with a biblical worldview, and our discussion questions will help you tease out the nuances.

Are there any fantasy books on the list?

Yes. One of the chapters in Honey for a Child's Heart deals specifically with fantasy, so that month's children's title is a fantasy titles. Other fantasy titles may crop up occasionally as well.

How do I get the program?

Join our Fellowship! In addition to the Honey for a Child's Heart read along, subscribers receive other benefits, depending on their level of membership: free annual read along, the Redeemed Reader Quarterly (a print magazine!), discounts with our partners, and more. Find out more about the fellowship here.

Do I have to read along during the same dates?

All of the resources will be uploaded or linked to a Honey for a Child's Heart Hub for you to access at your convenience. Some topics, such as "Holiday" related titles, will be seasonally driven.

Can I do this with a group?

YES. In fact, you SHOULD do this with at least one other person.

Does my entire group need to join Fellowship to do the read along?

No. Obviously, we'd prefer that, but we don't want finances to get in the way! The facilitator should be a fellowship member, at minimum. If your group is small (5 or less), that's sufficient. However, if you'd like to do this with a group on a larger scale, please contact us for more information and pricing.