Pilgrim’s Progress

Have you ever wanted to share great fiction with your kids?  Ever thought about reading a Christian classic like Pilgrim’s Progress with them, but didn’t know where to start?


We’d like to help!

A Children’s Guide to Pilgrim’s Progress by Emily Whitten is a guide through some of the richest and most rewarding reading available for kids today.  Intended for use with Oliver Hunkin’s Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress, Emily’s approach isn’t about plumbing the depths of obscure literary allusions.  Instead, her focus is the real spiritual battles going on in your life and your child’s life, framed by the metaphors and images drawn by John Bunyan.  This curriculum/devotional guide, intended for home or school settings, will help children grasp foundational truths of Scripture AND have fun–all while whetting their appetite for great literature.  Did I mention the nifty original artwork and coloring pages by Carl Dean White it contains?  And that’s just the beginning….


The Freebies

  • To Download the ebook for ages 4-12, CLICK HERE.
  • To read Janie’s guide for older kids, CLICK HERE.
  • (We intend to make this a download, just haven’t done it yet….)


Other Resources You’ll Need for the eBook

  • The ebook guide is intended for use with Oliver Hunkin’s Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress.  To purchase it in either book or DVD form, use the Amazon.com links below.  (By purchasing them through our site, you earn us roughly 6% of your entire order, at no cost to you. )