2024 Annual Reading Challenge for Kids and Teens

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annual children's reading challenge

The 2024 Reading Challenge for Kids and Teens is here!


  • read more intentionally and stretch yourself as a reader
  • diversify your reading (or your child's)


  • kid-friendly: all categories can be "checked off" with picture books, middle grades books, young adult books, or adult books
  • all books count: books for school, picture books, graphic novels, fiction/nonfiction, read alouds, and more
  • Christian categories (such as a book about missions) alongside categories like realistic fiction or mystery
  • lots of variety in genre, book length, publication date, and more

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your 13 year old only wants to read fantasy. If you see another book cover with a dragon on it, you’re going to cut up her library card.
  • You see reading challenges popping up everywhere, but your kids are all pre-readers. Picture books are your life right now… so a reading challenge will have to wait.
  • Your second grade class is doing so well with their new reading skills! But how to encourage them to build that critical reading fluency across a wide variety of books?
  • You want to challenge your middle school students to read broadly, but how to go about that?
  • Your teenager is into sports. Why read?
  • Your family loves audiobooks, but you want to diversify your read alouds a bit. Historical fiction is great, but what about listening to a nonfiction title?

If any of those resonate with you, you need the Redeemed Reader annual reading challenge!

What's New for 2024?

Our 2024 Reading Challenge for Kids and Teens is better than ever! Since we say this every year (and this is our 9th Annual Reading Challenge), what really is new this year? 


Copy of annual reading challenge for kids and teens-5


We kept the simpler structure of last year year (10 mini-challenges) instead of our previous 4 levels (Baker's Dozen: 13 books, Quarterback: 25 books, Weekly Reader: 50 books, and Grand Slam: 100 books).

10 books each on 10 different mini-challenges. (Readers can still read 100 books in a year if they want! But they can also read one list of 10.)

Teachers can choose a themed mini-challenge that fits their class (like our Science & Nature List). Individual readers can start with whichever theme sounds most fun (like the Rainy Day Reads List).


We don't want kids or teens weighed down because they missed a particular category. After all, even reading 10 books in one year is an accomplishment! The new format allows a young reader to keep redoing a favorite list (like the Moving Pictures List) if that's what helps them the most. Alternatively, young readers can attempt to read through all 10 mini-challenges and still read 100 books this year.

New for 2024: A challenge that's ALL "your choice" for kids and teens who like to create their own! (This is technically an ELEVENTH mini-challenge; we left the other 10 intact with minor category changes.)


Two new challenges for grownups (and kids/teens can join in if they want):

  • Picture Books
  • Children's/Middle Grades Novels

Both of these work as mini-master-classes in learning to evaluate children's books. We'll be providing book suggestions in our forums!


We've redesigned the reading challenge so that each mini-challenge includes places to list the books read *and* rate them on a scale of 1-5 stars. Once readers finish a list, they can log their favorite book of that particular group and the date completed. 


This is a big change: we will soon have a dedicated forum hosted here on Redeemed Reader. All members at any level have access to the forums. We've created one forum just for the reading challenge, including sub-forums for the mini-challenges. Can't figure out a book for a category? Ask it in the forums. Want to share your successes? We'd love to hear about it in the forum!

Fellowship Members also have access to the Reading Challenge Hub with all the trackers and resources they will need all year; you can print one mini-challenge at a time or all at once. Enjoy! Not a member? After January 31, 2023, you can find the reading challenge products in our store. Find out more about membership here.

Reading Challenge Inspiration Gallery

Curious what a "completed" reading challenge would look like in terms of actual books? Check out our inspiration gallery below. **These are for previous editions of the challenge, but these books will work for similar categories on the 2023 challenge.**

Fine print: Most of these books have been reviewed on Redeemed Reader. Remember to check out reviews of unfamiliar books before handing them to a child.

PB Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
Early Reader Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
Animals Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
Read Aloud Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
GN Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
STEM Bakers Dozen IG Graphic
Sports Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2
14 yo girl Bakers Dozen IG Graphic-2