Dangerous Journey

November 5, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 8

Today’s Theme: Finishing Well From the clutches of Giant Despair, Christian and Hopeful escape into pleasant places of the Delectable Mountains.  We see them refreshing themselves […]
November 3, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 7

Today’s Theme: The Key of Promise After surviving Vanity Fair and the hill of Lucre, Christian and Hopeful “espied a stile which led into a meadow, […]
October 27, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 6

  Chapter 6: Vanity Fair Today’s Theme: Faithful to the End As our narrator says, “Most fairs are merry places.  But not this one–not for our […]
October 24, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 5

  CHAPTER FIVE: The Valley of the Shadow Today’s Theme: God With Us Today, following on the heels of his fight with Apollyon and his healing […]
October 21, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 4

This post is part of our Pilgrim’s Progress read along during our Reformation Month celebration.  You can find an introduction and sign up for an eguide […]
October 17, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 3

  Chapter 3: The Hill of Difficulty Today’s Theme: Lions on Chains Salvation is the beginning of the battle.  In Chapter 3, Christian is now “free […]
October 15, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 2

  Chapter Two: The Interpreter’s House Today’s Theme: A Burden Lost, Heaven Gained In this section, Christian comes into the Wicket Gate, is taught by the […]
October 12, 2011

Dangerous Journey, Part 1

Welcome to our Pilgrim’s Progress Read Along, part Redeemedreader.com’s Reformation Month celebration!  We’ll be pursuing two tracks over the month of October, 2011–this one for younger […]