June 8, 2015

*Daily Bible Reading Program for Children: 7/52 Bible Study

Daily Reading Program for Children by Part of the 7/52 Bible Study Program. 2014. Reading Level: Ages 4-10 Recommended For: Independent readers, ages 4-10 Daily Bible […]
January 16, 2015

*Wise Words by Peter J. Leithart

Wise Words: Family Stories That Bring Proverbs to Life by Peter J. Leithart. Canon Press, 2003. 148 pages. Reading Level: Middle Grades, ages 10-12 Maturity Level: 2 (ages […]
April 18, 2014

Family Devotional Time

Even though I have some reservations about personal devotional books, expressed here, family devotions are another story.  While some formats are “less optimal” than others, time […]
May 7, 2013

Words for Life: Bibles for Teens and Graduates

In an earlier post I wrote about beginners “Bibles” and Bible storybooks.  That was followed up by a post on the methods and merits of the […]
May 6, 2013
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Short Summer-Length Devotionals for Families

Summer’s Just Around the Corner! My family’s summer schedule is quite different from our school year schedule. What with travel, fun in the sun, and other […]
January 14, 2013

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 49 (THE END!)

THE CHURCH: On to Glory! This is our last part of the yearly study!  For those of you who make it this far, congratulations, and we […]
December 31, 2012
week 48, image

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 48

THE CHURCH: It’s hard for most of us to think of the church as a “real” family.  But it is! And this week we’ll read more […]
December 16, 2012
week 47, art

Bible Reading Challenge, Week 47

THE CHURCH: By Faith Alone If the long history of mankind’s failure to keep God’s law, from Adam to us, were not enough to prove it, […]