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Gifts for Book Lovers: ALL Gift-Giving Lists in One Place!

Need gifts for book lovers, young and old? We’ve got you covered! Stocking stuffers, fun bookish swag, and, of course, LOTS of book ideas!

We put these lists together with great care, and we are thrilled to think of these books (and other fun goodies) appearing under Christmas trees for young readers. Good books never go out of date, so we’ve got links to all our lists from the past few years!

But first: Don’t miss our 5 Questions for a Book Giver’s Interview! Asking these questions will help you pick just the right book for your children and teens!

Special note: We are so grateful for the many readers who’ve done their Christmas shopping through our “Book Fair” lists in years past. We are members of the Amazon LLC Affiliate program which means we may earn a commission on qualifying purchases made through our links. Historically, YOUR Christmas shopping through our site has funded our tech costs, and we want to thank you!

2019 Gifts for Book Lovers

(we’ll add links as the new lists come out!)

2018 Gifts for Book Lovers

2017 Gifts for Book Lovers

  • 2017 Winter Book Fair (a GIANT list broken down into sub-categories; this was a particularly outstanding list)

2016 Gifts for Book Lovers

2014 Gifts for Book Lovers

  • Winter Book Fair 2014 (we even have a team picture and a printable list in this one! Sadly, the podcast is no longer available)

2013 Gifts for Book Lovers

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