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Bookish Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick out a book for a book-lover. What if she already bought herself that book? What if he has already read that series and moved on?

These are the sorts of questions that stymie our own families when it comes to giving us books for Christmas. Sure, each of us here at Redeemed Reader has actual books on our Christmas wish lists. But the items below look like terrific fun, too! Consider this a list of bookish Christmas gifts that we ourselves think would be fun to give or receive.

Note: amazon links are affiliate links; all others are not. We are participants in the Amazon LLC affiliate program; qualifying purchases you make through affiliate links like the ones below may earn us a commission. Unless noted otherwise, we have not personally tested the items listed below.

Bookish Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

General Book-Related Gifts

the usual suspects, but still terrific gifts if you and yours are in need!

  • Kindle (these are quite helpful for travel, even though we all still prefer print books for our regular reading)
  • Book Darts
  • Book Light (these are terrific for kids who share rooms, especially when one has a later bedtime than another)
  • Fun Bookshelf (this is a good size to mount on a wall near a bed for those treasured bedtime reads)
  • Fun Bookends (you can find so many fun book ends, but we like the novelty of this one! It’s advertising your reader super powers)

Literary Cookbooks

These are just two options; we recommend “test-driving” new cookbooks via the library if possible.

Literary Mugs

These are some of the mugs we think are the most fun of the many options available. 

General Bookish Christmas Gifts

These are all inspired by our favorite hobby!

 The Rabbit Hole for Bookish Christmas Gifts

We saved these to the end because you can spend a lot of time browsing these sites. Ask us how we know!

  • Litographs Bookish Christmas gifts (Betsy has a Secret Garden tote bag and a Secret Garden t-shirt; both are made well and have been great conversation starters!)
  • The Literary Gift Company (Lady MacBeth’s guest soap, anyone? Lots of mugs, bookends, tote bags, and other bookish-inspired miscellany)

What are YOUR favorite bookish Christmas gifts? Anything on your personal wish list?

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