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Project Bird Boy: Launch! (with one free download)

To be fair, doubts about Roy Ray Rappaport were perfectly understandable.  Except for bats, winged mammals are so rare they’re assumed to be myths.  Even seeing is not always believing. 

Besides, Roy Ray was not born rare, or not in a way anyone noticed. 

His father worked in a paint factory and his mom raised and sold houseplants.  Their baby did everything a baby was supposed to do: cry, eat, burp, poop and smile (sometimes in that order). 

He did not do anything a baby was not supposed to do, such as sprout extra limbs.  So his parents naturally thought he was normal, until two months and three days before his third birthday . . .

If you signed up for the most excellent, one-of-a-kind, world-premiere Bird Boy project, you’ve already received a link to the prologue and first chapter, plus background and questions about the story.  If you were previously unaware of this opportunity, you can still join in.  For today only,  I’ve provided a link to the Prologue and opening chapter

right here.

Give it a click, and if you want to know what happens next, sign up either in the comment section below or by emailing me here:

The next email-plus-download will go out tomorrow, Sept. 2, with Chapter Two.  We’ll skip Labor Day and send Chapters Three and Four on Tuesday, Sept. 5.  (The first three chapters of any novel are for creating the setting, introducing main characters, and getting the plot off the ground–no pun intended.  You can let me know how well I did that)  After that, one chapter per day, Monday through Saturday, throughout the month of September.  All chapters will be in .pdf format and downloadable to a Kindle or Kindle App.

Next week I’ll post a recap of chapters 1-7, offer a preview of 8-13, and open the comment forum.  If you have questions, suggestions, favorite passages or characters, or even complaints, I want to hear them all!

The following Monday (Sept. 22), and subsequent Mondays through September, all commenters will be entered in a random drawing to receive one of the following books:


September 11 – Wise Up: 10-Minute Family Devotions in Proverbs by Marty Machowski

September 18 – Dragon Seed by Marty Machowski

September 25 – Teen special: This Changes Everything by Jaquelle Crowe and Face Time by Kristen Hatton

October 2 – Tangled (Vol. 4 in the Quest for Truth quartet) by Brock Eastman

Previous winners will not be eligible to for subsequent weekly prizes.  But, if you hang in there for the duration, ALL participants will be entered to win a grand-prize giveaway:

The Quest for Truth Quartet by Brock Eastman, all four volumes

I’d love to have you along for the ride!

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    Bird Boy – Prologue and chapter 1
    Page 2 – Line4 “cigarette lighter” would another comparison such as “credit card” be a better description. How many children would know what a cigarette lighter is?
    Page 11 line 12 “to dig up” seems to imply that Professor Lemke is dead. Perhaps he is but is this what you are implying? Would “search for” be a better alternative?

    • Janie says

      James, Thanks for the comments! The lighter will reappear–as a lighter, so if there’s any confusion here it will be cleared up. You may well be right about the “dig up” wording. I’ll probably change that.

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