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Wisdom & Wonder Summer Reading “Anchor” Books

Join us for Wisdom & Wonder: our 2017 Summer Reading Challenge focused on Proverbs!

Wisdom & Wonder

We are going to be diving into the book of Proverbs with the help of Marty Machowski’s Wise-Up family devotional. In addition, families are encouraged to choose one of the “anchor” books below that best fits their children’s ages. We will be discussing these particular books in light of the themes in Proverbs this summer. There will be an additional booklist for each week that includes extra titles that coordinate with that week’s theme, but these titles will carry through the whole summer!

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Ages 0-10

Wise Words by Peter Leithart is a delightful collection of literary fables that feature various Proverbs as the morals. Perfect as a read aloud, this also makes a fun independent read if your independent readers happen to sneak the book off to bed with them. Read our Wise Words review for more information. Book may be purchased through amazon (affiliate link below); it may also be in your church library if you have one!



Ages 8-14

The Wilderking Trilogy by Jonathan Rogers is an action-packed, fantasy adventure based on the life of King David. Feechies from the swamp, a shepherd boy, and prophecy come to life in a landscape reminiscent of the American South. These books will work as a read aloud or independent reads! Read our Wilderking reviews for more information. Books may be purchased through amazon (affiliate links below) or from Rabbit Room Press.

Ages 12 and up

We’re featuring our own Janie Cheaney and her historical fiction set in Shakespeare’s day for the teen selections this year: The Playmaker and The True Prince! Mystery, intrigue, the theater, and plenty of action fill these books that also serve up a side dose of the Bard himself! Note: books are available in kindle format only currently (affiliate links below). For hard copies, check your local library or ABEBooks for used copies. Readers may also purchase hard copies directly from Janie Cheaney for $8 for one book, $13 for both (postage included).  Limited copies available–first come, first served! If you are interested in purchasing a book from Janie, comment below and we’ll follow up with you.  Also, she will personalize and autograph books as requested!

We look forward to a terrific summer of reading!


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  1. Joan M Douglass says

    We’d like to buy The Play Make and The True Prince! from Janie. Please let us know how! Thanks.

  2. Heidi Anderson says

    I would like to purchase copies of The Playmaker and The True Prince. Please send more info. Thank you!

  3. HC Sinclair says

    So do we purchase all three books of The WilderKing Trilogy as anchor books for that age group or just of them (and does it matter which one) for the summer reading challenge? Thank you!

    • Great question! You can certainly buy book 1 (The Bark of the Bog Owl) and follow along. Much of the discussion will center around character, and that comes through in book 1. However, we will be considering the trilogy as a unit; it presents a complete story all together.

  4. Jamie says

    We would like to purchase The Playmaker and The True Prince if there are still copies available

  5. Meredith says

    I know I am late on this post, but Ms. Janie’s books sound very interesting. However, I cannot access Kindall or Nook as my screen reader does not work with them. Would there be a way to purchase PDF versions of the two books? The other titles sound intriguing as well. They are not available in audio, I think, but I’ll still enjoy your comments. God bless you.

  6. Wendy Broyles says

    We would love to have a chance to purchase these books from Ms. Janie. If there are any available still, please let me know! Thanks so much!

  7. Julianna Mays says

    I’d like to purchase both of Janie’s books in hardcover.

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