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Recent World Magazine Book Reviews

finding-winnieOur regular readers have no doubt noticed a dearth of book reviews recently covering new releases. We’re still offering up great lists, commentary, reviews of older titles, and other content here, but our staff has begun reviewing new releases for World magazine on a regular basis.

Here are links to our four most recent review charts (each chart, or feature, includes 4 reviews loosely grouped together along with a special feature [that occurs in the sidebar of the print edition]). Dates refer to print issues of the magazine, but the columns are available digitally in limited number to non-subscribers. Enjoy!

Recent Picture Books (by Megan and Betsy; December 26, 2015)

Graphic Novels for Ages 6-14 (by Janie and Betsy; January 23, 2016)

Recent Audiobooks for Teens (by Emily and Hayley; February 6, 2016)

Award Winners for Young Readers (by Megan and Betsy; February 20, 2016)

If you are a World subscriber, have you noticed this new feature in the magazine? 



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