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The Winners’ Circle

World Magazine has chosen a “book of the year” for at least twenty years.  In 2013, the magazine reading the Penderwicksdiversified a little and chose three books in different categories.  And last year, what should come along but a Children’s Book of the Year, chosen by committee with some (ahem) ties to RedeemedReader.com.

Last week, World rolled out is second annual Children’s Book of the Year, with another list for picture books.  Today, we’re happy to announce the list: the winner, four runners-up, and five honorable mentions.   We’ll have more followup coverage throughout the week–watch this space!

The Penderwicks in Spring (Book of the Year): The Penderwick family is back!  From Rosalind, Skye, Jane, and Batty, the brood has expanded to their stepbrother Ben and new baby sister Lydia.   Four years have passed since The Penderwicks at Point Mouette; Rosalind is in college and little Batty is all of ten.  Humorous family mishaps and surprises contrast with a more sober theme as shy Batty encounters real sadness for the first time.  Warm family relationships make the Penderwick series stand out, and this one is even lightly brushed with a pro-life motif.


Absolutely Truly: Moving from Texas to New England is the last thing Truly Lovejoy wants to do, but solving a mystery in her aunt’s bookstore gives her an opportunity to become part of her community and help mend relationships within her family.

The Green Ember: The adventure begins for Pickett and his sister Heather when fierce wolves attack their family and send the two young rabbits on a quest to live up to their heroic heritage.  This is the first in a Christian fantasy series that promises adventure, danger, and triumph.

Tiger Boy: Young Neel is reluctant to follow his father’s ambitions for him, until a tiger cub escapes from a nearby game preserve and he determines to find it.  A little-known area of the world is illuminated for young readers who will find kids very much like themselves–and who can resist baby tigers?

Walking Home: After rebel militia destroy his Kenyan village, Muchoki and his sister must find their way across the country to make a new home with their mother’s relatives.   They’ll encounter kindness as well as cruelty as they try to make sense of God’s providence in their country’s history and their own lives.


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