Bible Reading Challenge, Week 48

week 48, imageTHE CHURCH:

It’s hard for most of us to think of the church as a “real” family.  But it is! And this week we’ll read more New Testament letters, this time of Paul and Peter. These letters were written to help Christians know what it means to be a family under our Father in heaven—both in how we treat each other and those who aren’t in the family of faith. Our ways are not going to be the ways of the world, so Christians can also expect to suffer for what we believe.  But God uses our suffering to make us stronger, to make us more like Jesus and draw us closer to Him.  And one day, He will gather His whole family in heaven, to be with him forever in his marvelous light.

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For last week’s study, here’s Challenge 47.  Or just see the category link with all the previous Bible Challenges.

Thanks to Carl Dean White for our illustrations this week!  For more on his work, see his website.

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