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Bible Reading Challenge, Week 40

MESSIAH:  The Last Week

?During Jesus’s last week, His enemies finally get the upper hand.  It’s a week of sorrow and suffering for Jesus–a week of passion–but it’s a week of great hope for us, especially as we face our own suffering.

Study Guides:

Make-Your-Own-Story-Bible Resources:

For last week’s study, here’s Challenge 39.  Or just see the category link with all the previous Bible Challenges.

Thanks also to our visual artist, Carl Dean White, for his lovely and informative art this week!  Be sure to see his other drawings in this series, as well as his website.

And thanks to our reader, Ellen Sarazov, who was kind enough to set our memory verse this week to music.  Here’s her video recording, as well as her Facebook page, Make it Musical.  Thanks so much, Ellen!

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